Anemia is a condition where the body has too low a level of red blood cells in the blood. This results in the lack of oxygenation of the body’s cells which cannot perform their functions.
The transport of oxygen by the blood is greatly influenced by iron , while the amount of red blood cells is due to the amount of vitamin B12 and folic acid we ingest. It is therefore particularly important to follow a balanced diet so that the body does not present these deficiencies.

In the event that, however, a principle of anemia has already been diagnosed, it is possible, on medical advice, to resort to a treatment based on nutrition . In fact, some foods contain a large amount of iron and other mineral salts, but also vitamins and acids and can therefore help solve this problem. There are particular types of fruits that even contain a greater amount of iron than meat.

In case of need then, why not choose a completely natural remedy ? Let’s see which types of fruit are best suited for this problem.

Anemia is a lack of hemoglobin in the blood . Hemoglobin is a protein that binds to oxygen; it is found inside the red blood cells which are then in charge of carrying oxygen from the lungs throughout the body.
Anemia may be due to the body making too few red blood cells, losing too many through bleeding, or destroying too many.

In all this, the role of iron is fundamental and it is this mineral that allows hemoglobin to bind to oxygen . So if you don’t get enough iron through your diet, your cells don’t get enough oxygen. The amount of red blood cells , on the other hand, is related to vitamin B12 and folic acid . While the former is found only in foods of animal origin , the latter is found mainly in fruit and vegetables .

The main symptoms of anemia are generalized weakness , dizziness , tachycardia, headache and the complexion is very pale . Instead the main causes are a lack of iron , but also of proteins and vitamins, acids , or severe bleeding .

For the most serious cases it is necessary to resort to drugs or supplements , while for the milder ones it is possible, on medical advice, to resort to nutrition alone to replenish these deficiencies.

Reintegrating mineral salts through what we eat is always important because they perform an incredible number of functions. For example, iron is not only important for oxygen transport  in combination with hemoglobin. The effects of this trace element are felt not only on a physical level, with weakness and exhaustion, but also on a psychological level . Having the right level of iron in the blood in fact gives a sense of peace and calm , but also acts on willpower and increases self-confidence.
Conversely, a lack of it makes the body weak and the immune system less efficient: so we are more vulnerable to disease. But it can also lead to constipation, irritability and disorientation.

The most adequate diet in these cases is that based on red meats , but it is better to prefer lean ones , or fish such as cod, tuna or salmon. Cereals are also indicated, but above all legumes and vegetables .

Therefore, given the importance of iron intake in our diet, let’s instead focus on those fruits that could help us raise the level of this mineral in the blood taking into account that vitamin C favors the absorption of iron . In fact, adding a few drops of lemon, as a condiment, to all foods that naturally contain iron can help to make the most of its effects.

Oranges and lemons

As we have just said, vitamin C is an ally of iron as it facilitates its absorption. But citrus fruits also contain folic acid which promotes the production of red blood cells. Orange and lemon are therefore special helpers in trying to improve an anemia problem. In fact, it is recommended to take a nice fresh orange juice for breakfast and use lemon juice as a condiment, especially for green leafy vegetables such as spinach, or mixing it with orange juice.


Cherries are a fruit very rich in minerals , including iron. Consuming a large portion at the end of a meal can therefore help you with the problem of anemia.

In addition to iron, they also contain minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium , but also melatonin, an element that facilitates sleep.

Apples and pears

A very simple trick to put into practice is the one that associates the apple with the cloves . The procedure involves inserting 6 cloves in the pulp of the apple for at least one day. After this time it is possible to eat the pulp and reuse the cloves for another apple.

The mechanism that is set in motion is based on the fact that iron is present in cloves but it is not organic, therefore it cannot be used by the body. Inside the apple, a process is activated that transforms this inorganic iron into organic iron , therefore assimilable by the human body. In fact, it can be seen when the pulp becomes rust-colored.In the case of pears , on the other hand, the iron content is not so high, but that of vitamin C , which as we said is important in fighting anemia .

Iron is therefore a fundamental mineral for the performance of all the functions of the human body and, as we have seen, a lack of this element can lead to suffering from anemia.

We therefore try to limit this risk through good eating habits so as not to find ourselves in worse and very unpleasant situations, in which it will be necessary to resort to taking drugs. We therefore use everything that nature has made available to us as much as possible.

Fruits and vegetables can be very helpful for our psycho-physical health , if we learn to exploit all their qualities .
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