10 tricks against toothache

Toothache is one of the strongest pains you can experience. Although in most cases the problem can only be solved by the dentist, there are certain remedies and simple tricks that can sometimes help you if you have no other options, that is, if the dentist is not nearby.

I must emphasize that the following tips help as a first aid, and not as a permanent solution.

First of all, when you experience toothache you need to determine the cause. In most cases these are caries, abscesses, worn dentin, patency up to the nerve, broken tooth, gingivitis or badly grown wisdom teeth .

The most common solution is painkillers. Asprina, Ibuprofen and similar, can help but it can easily happen that you don’t have it with you or, unfortunately, it’s Sunday and the pharmacies are closed.

So here are 10 tricks against toothache that can help you before visiting the dentist.

1. Brush your teeth

Brush your teeth and floss them as sometimes the discomfort can be caused by food residue between the teeth.

2. Rinse your mouth with salt water

Rinsing your mouth with salty, warm, or warm water also helps in cleansing. It is also useful for swollen gums as it can prevent infections.

3. Brush your teeth with toothpaste for sensitive teeth

If you have this problem, brushing your teeth with toothpaste for sensitive teeth will surely help. You can put the same toothpaste on the tooth if you feel pain after surgery.

4. Put on a cold pack

Putting cold compresses on the face that is the sore spot will surely relieve the pain and decrease the swelling. You need to keep the packs between 10 and 20 minutes, every hour. Breaks are necessary to avoid cooling of the skin surface.

5. Improvise

If the filling falls out or the tooth fractures, the dentin remains exposed and can cause pain. Except for the modern and temporary fillings that you can find in some pharmacies, potatoes can help you too. Yes, you read that right, potatoes. A piece of potato in the tooth can stop external agents that irritate the nerves.

6. Use clove oil

The important ingredient contained in clove oil is eugenol which is used in dentistry as a pain reliever and prevents infections that can occur after cleaning and filling the root canals. Simply dip a small piece of cotton in clove oil and hold it on the sore tooth for an hour. Do not use this method for too long as it can cause skin reaction in the mouth, sore throat, vomiting and so on.

7. Freeze the tea

The tea contains tannins that can relieve pain. Freeze the black or green tea bag and place it on the sore tooth and keep it for a while. It can’t hurt.

8. Use tea tree oil

Pure tea tree oil is one of the strongest natural antiseptics. Comparing it with other antiseptics, this oil maintains efficiency even in the presence of blood or infections. Tea tree oil works lightly as an anesthetic and helps heal minor injuries such as burns, scalds, frostbites, skin and nail diseases caused by fungus, inflammation of the respiratory tract, sore throat, colds and periodontosis. It is also effective against canker sores, warts, herpes, irritation from insect bites, repels ticks and lice. Usage: Put a few drops of pure oil on the cotton and apply it on the tooth or add to hot water to gargle and rinse.

9. Acupressure

The human body is a complex labyrinth of nerves, many of which are connected with the teeth. Pressing specific parts of the face and body can affect and decrease the pain caused by toothaches. Watch the video and see what stimulant points it is.

10. Alcoholic beverages also help

Cotton impregnated with an alcoholic drink and placed on the aching tooth or gum can help deflate and relieve pain. Avoid alcoholic beverages with a high percentage of sugar such as eg. liqueurs and the like.

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