Autumn diseases: know them to prevent 

Autumn diseases: know them to prevent 

Did you know that some diseases are more frequent depending on the season of the year? Some of them occur more often in the fall. Knowing what they are helps us prevent them and treat them better once they appear. 

It may seem strange, but in reality it makes a lot of sense, because each season has its own particular climate and in each of them we lead a different lifestyle. In summer, for example, diarrhea and otitis are very common (from the pool, especially), while in spring environmental allergies are increasingly common. 

Well, in autumn there are also some diseases that affect us and it is already known, there is nothing better than knowing the enemy and his tricks to know how to avoid or face it: knowing them to prevent. 

colds are back 

In autumn, after a quiet summer at the virus level, colds return. The temperatures start to dance and we don’t really know how to dress. In the morning and at night it is cold, but in the central hours of the day, hot. And so there are times when we can be outdoors and others when we close the windows to avoid the cold outside. 

This makes the air circulate less, it does not renew itself as much and we all spread it more easily. If we then go outside, or where it is cold, the risk of catching a cold is greater. 

the flu is coming 

The flu is typical of autumn and winter and that is why every year, in October, a mass vaccination campaign is carried out to immunize the elderly and those with chronic diseases. The reasons that cause it are the same as with colds: the cold and being normally in closed spaces. 

Allergies, again? 

That’s how it is. Allergy again, although for some it is not an “again”, but now. Environmental allergies usually occur in spring because most depend on the pollination of plants at that time, but there are more allergies, such as dust mites, which is more frequent in autumn and which many people suffer from. 

In autumn there is an upturn in mite colonies and, as we ventilate less due to the cold, many people are affected by this allergy and by other indoor elements, such as humidity or mold. Check the nasal filter lenses. 

Bronchial asthma 

For the same reasons as allergies (increased relative humidity and cold), asthmatic people suffer more crises in autumn. Mold and fungus are aggressive to the airway and sensitive people suffer more when they reappear. 

autumnal asthenia 

We are very used to hearing about spring asthenia, but not so much about autumnal asthenia, and it exists too. It is the depression in autumn, which is due to the reduction of daylight hours, the drop in temperatures, the return to routine and monotony after summer, bad weather days, etc., which cause sadness in some people and apathy. 

Prevent autumn diseases 

Once we know what we have to do is try to prevent them. We know that changes in temperature are harmful, so we must avoid currents and wear appropriate clothing for each occasion and moment. Sometimes it is worth carrying several layers to be able to add or remove as we enter or leave the sites. 

We also know that the flu arrives, so the best way to prevent it is to get vaccinated and avoid contagion. For this, what is recommended is to cover coughs and sneezes and always wash your hands before touching your nose or mouth and before eating. It seems incredible, but many diseases can travel in our hands. 

We know that there is a greater risk of allergies and asthma attacks, since those people allergic to dust or mold must take special care when cleaning the house, avoid overloading it with decorations or elements that are difficult to clean (rugs, stuffed animals, carpets and blankets) and ventilate well to avoid the accumulation of mites and humidity. 

And we know that changes in temperature and light can affect certain people, because the mere fact of knowing that we can put an end to autumnal asthenia already has to serve as a stimulus to try to take things a little more philosophically. Sometimes a sense of humor or surrounding ourselves with loved ones can help us cope better with monotony and not being able to be away as long as in summer. 

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