Over time, the enamel of the teeth wears down, and with it, they begin to turn yellowish and stains appear. We know that dealing with this is a bit difficult without having to go to the dentist or chemical products, so we have listed seven home remedies for you to have a flawless smile. Before using them, remember to be very careful with the ingredients, as they can end up damaging tooth enamel. Also, change your brush once every three weeks, because in addition to a whitening treatment, it is important to get rid of all bacteria. 

1 baking soda 

Forget whitening toothpaste and activated charcoal, baking soda is the most effective home remedy for teeth whitening. We have all heard of this trick, and it is the easiest to use, just apply a few teaspoons of baking soda to your toothpaste and brush your teeth with this mixture as you normally do two to three times a week, you will love the results. 

2. Coconut oil 

It’s time to say goodbye to whitening strips, because coconut oil is the star ingredient of the moment. Its benefits are endless and one of them is to help you whiten your teeth, eliminate bad breath and also take care of the environment. The key is to mix it with baking soda creating a homogeneous paste when you brush your teeth, applying it three times a week to notice the changes. 

3. Banana 

Did you know that this fruit has a high concentration of salicylic acid? This is the best for teeth whitening at home naturally. Once you have finished washing them, rub the banana peel for two minutes on your teeth every day. 

4. Strawberries 

Whitening pastes leave your gums and teeth sensitive, but don’t worry, strawberries are the best ingredient to remove stains due to their astringent agent that acts as a natural whitener, in addition to containing vitamin C. The procedure is very easy, just you have to crush a strawberry and mix it with baking soda to act as an antacid, apply it for two minutes and rinse your mouth afterwards. 

5. Basil 

Surely you did not know that basil is one of the medicinal plants that recovers your natural color, this method of teeth whitening works by leaving the plant in the sun for a few minutes, then grind it and with that powder brush your teeth regularly, in approximately three weeks. you will notice the changes. 

6. Apple 

Apples contain malic acid, a chemical element used in teeth whitening products, so in your daily routine, in addition to flossing and toothpaste, you have to eat an apple to remove plaque, excess food and bacteria. in the mouth. Likewise, another home remedy to whiten your smile is to add drops of apple cider vinegar to your toothpaste and let it act for a minute. 

7. Lemon 

Lemon to whiten my teeth? Yes, this fruit has many benefits and one of them is that it is one of the powerful home methods that work as a natural lightener, as well as aloe vera, orange peel and brewer’s yeast. You just have to mix a teaspoon of salt with a tablespoon of lemon juice to have white teeth, leave it for 20 seconds once or twice a week for a month and then rest, this will remove stains and whiten your teeth, you will love the result . 

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