7 tips to have big and round buttocks

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round buttocks

7 tips to have big and round buttocks

Can we improve the appearance of our buttocks? Although genetics has a lot to do with their shape, there are some habits that allow us to tone them up and give them a more aesthetic appearance. Discover them!

Is it possible to have big and round buttocks? Answering this question can be somewhat complex. It must be clear that the actual shape of the gluteal muscles is determined by geneticsBecause of this, its form is inherent and exclusive to each one of us.

Therefore, when we train the gluteal muscles, as with other muscle groups, they will strengthen and grow; however, its shape will not change. That is, if we have a round or flat butt, we can strengthen the muscular part without changing its shape.

Now, what we can do, in addition to increasing its size, is to improve its appearance. In this sense, we find a series of habits and care that helps reduce the presence of aesthetic problems such as cellulite. Are you interested? Let’s see the details below.

1. Tone the different muscles of the buttocks

7 tips to have big and round buttocks

Almost all of us know of an exercise that has been recommended to us to strengthen and enlarge the buttocks. However, when talking about this area we must take into account the three main muscles: the largest, the middle, and the smallest.

For this reason, it is important that, when developing a toning exercise routine, we perform those that include the three types of muscles. We must practice toning exercises at least three times a week. 

According to information published by the National Health Service (NHS), the recommended ones are the following:

  • squats.
  • Lateral leg raise.
  • Bridge or hip lift.
  • Back kick.
  • lunges.

2. Do stretching exercises

Just as important as the toning exercises are the pre- and post-exercise stretches . This combination of muscle contraction and relaxation helps us avoid muscle tension in this and other parts of the body.

And, as explained by Dr. Adam Tenforde, assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School, stretching improves flexibility and increases range of motion. Therefore, they are decisive to complement any routine.

3. Increase protein intake

To gain muscle you have to consume enough protein. As research published in the journal Nutrients highlights, optimal protein intake is positively associated with increased muscle mass. In addition, it also affects greater physical resistance during exercise.

To include protein servings in meals we have options such as the following:

  • Meat.
  • Fish.
  • Egg.
  • Dairy.
  • Legumes.
  • Nuts and seeds.

There are other foods, such as whole grains or avocados, that also contain significant amounts of healthy proteinWhenever we eat protein, especially if it is meat or fish, we will preferably accompany it with vegetables (juices, salads, steamed vegetables, etc.).

4. Increase the consumption of healthy fats

In addition to protein, if we want to increase the volume of the buttocks we must also consume fat. However, it must be borne in mind that not all fats are the same nor do they fulfill the same function in our body.

The fats we need are those that have been classified as healthy fats. The consumption of these fats also affects metabolism, so it can even help us lose weight .

To get this nutrient, eat foods like the following:

  • First cold-pressed vegetable oils: olive, coconut, sesame, flax, wheat germ, and evening primrose.
  • Ghee (clarified butter).
  • Avocado.
  • Olives.
  • Nuts and seeds.
  • Yolk.
  • Blue Fish.

5. Moisturize the skin every day

If we want to improve the appearance of the buttocks, we must guarantee adequate hydration to the skin that covers them. While this won’t make them grow or change their shape, it will help to firm them up and prevent problems like stretch marks and cellulite.

Of course, one should not expect miraculous results from moisturizing. It is simply a habit that, applied every day, will help us maintain the aesthetic appearance of the buttocks.

  • Moisturizing creams with essential and vegetable oils (almond, avocado, argan, jojoba, etc.) are an interesting option.
  • It is convenient to apply them with a circular massage. Likewise, it can also be massaged vertically, from the feet to the waist.

6. Try suction cups

There is little evidence to support the health benefits of cupping. However, a study published in the journal PLoS One indicates that it could be useful for some ailments. Now, regarding its benefits to improve the aesthetics of the buttocks, there is only anecdotal data.

According to those who have tried this technique to massage the buttocks, its constant application helps reduce cellulite while increasing volume and firmness. However, there is no evidence as such of this fact.

  • In any case, if we want to try this method, we must make sure to go to an expert.

7. Consult your doctor about supplements

Currently, there are a large number of supplements available on the market that are useful for gaining muscle mass and improving the appearance of our body. In this sense, the buttocks can benefit from the consumption of certain supplements.

Studies affirm that amino acids, such as leucine, increase the gain in strength and lean mass associated with resistance training and improve recovery after exercise.

In any case, a health professional should be consulted about which is the most appropriate . Some of the most used supplements to get big buttocks are the following:

  • Protein.
  • Creatine.
  • Magnesium.
  • Coconut oil.
  • Spirulina.

Big round buttocks: what should be clear?

7 tips to have big and round buttocks

There is no miracle formula that can help us enlarge the buttocks overnight. Also, even if we want to have them around, it all depends on our genetics. So, if we want to increase muscle mass and give them a better appearance, we must be consistent with diet, exercise, and the practice of healthy habits.

In general, the best way to achieve good results is to seek professional advice from both physical trainers and nutritionists. These, together, can guide us on the best exercises and the best diet to achieve our goals.

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