Does Harrison Ford’s Paul Get Parkinson’s While Shrink?

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Does Harrison Ford’s Paul Get Parkinson’s While Shrink?

Harrison Ford's Paul Get Parkinson's

follows Jimmy Laird (Segel), a therapist mourning the death of his wife. However, Jimmy begins to break down the ethical barriers of his work to help his patients in meaningful ways. In the series, Jimmy’s co-worker Paul Rhoades (Harrison Ford) explains the negative effects of the former’s actions while dealing with his own issues. The first episode involves Paul having Parkinson’s disease, affecting his relationships with everyone. If you’re wondering if Harrison Ford’s Paul has Parkinson’s in ‘Shrinking’, here’s everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who is Paul Rhoades in Shrinking?

Paul Rhoades is featured in the first episode of the ‘Shrinking’ series, titled ‘Coin Flip’. He is a cognitive behavioral therapist and actor Harrison Ford is trying out for the role. While the actor is a famous figure among pop culture fans, he’s arguably best known for portraying the charming smuggler Han Solo in George Lucas’ ‘Star Wars’ franchise. Ford is also known for playing the titular archaeologist in ‘Indiana Jones’, a role he is set to reprise in the upcoming fifth installment ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate’.

Although he was a famous movie star, Ford also moved into television at this point in his career. Ford stars as Jacob Duton in ‘1923’, a prequel to the acclaimed western drama ‘Yellowstone’. ‘Shrinking’ marks the actor’s first foray into scripted television comedy. Ford’s Dr. Paul Rhodes serves as a mentor to protagonist Jimmy Laird (Jason Segel). He is Jimmy’s colleague and helps him deal with the death of his wife. When Jimmy begins to actively interfere in the lives of his patients, Paul becomes the voice of reason in the room.

Does Paul de Harrison Ford have Parkinson’s disease?

In the first episode, Jimmy is fed up with his patients talking about the same problems but not doing anything about them. Therefore, he begins to openly express his opinions and feelings to them. However, when Jimmy tells Paul about the same thing, the senior therapist reminds Jimmy of the ethical limits of their work. Later, when Jimmy has a similar conversation with his colleague, Gaby, the latter briefly brings up Paul’s Parkinson’s disease. Although not explicitly stated in the early episodes of the series, it is evident that Paul has Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, the show’s promotional material confirms that the disease will be a big plot point in the first season.

In reality, actor Harrison Ford does not have Parkinson’s disease. The actor is reasonably fit and reportedly has no common illnesses in his 80s. Ford is married to Calista Flockhart and the couple live on their ranch in Jackson, Wyoming. On the other hand, Ford’s Paul quietly deals with Parkinson’s disease on the show, adding a new layer to his character. Although he is an accomplished therapist, Paul struggles with an illness whose effects are beyond his control. Therefore, it’s likely that the interesting internal conflict that Paul faced prompted Ford to accept the role. However, viewers will have to wait

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