The 11 Main Causes of Couple Breakup

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When reading the most common reasons for a couple breaking up, it is convenient to put aside preconceived ideas. Many people mistakenly believe that the main reason for couples separating is infidelity.

Although it is an important factor, the factors that lead to making the decision to end a relationship are much more complicated. Each couple is unique and the more time two people share their lives, the more complex their relationship becomes .

Nobody likes to see something good end. However, a relationship requires dedication and patience, and we don’t always take the time we need.

These are the most common reasons for couple breakup :

  1. Communication Problems
    This is one of the main reasons for separating couples. After a long period of time, it is common for many couples to grow apart and increasingly have intimacy and communication problems. Until they finally get to the point where they even wonder who this person they live with is.

Communication problems can range from yelling, endless arguments , not paying attention to your partner, wanting to impose your criteria, not putting yourself in their place, or even punishing your partner with your silence. If any of this sounds like you, it is convenient that you try to improve your communication as a couple

  1. Boredom in bed
    Another important reason for failure in a relationship is related to boredom during sexual intercourse. At the beginning of a relationship, it is usual for the sexual energy to be quite high, but as the relationship progresses and time passes, this energy decreases.

The lack of chemistry in bed is one of the main reasons for infidelity in the couple . The lack of passion is usually accentuated over time. Don’t let your relationship end due to monotony.

Try some daring ideas to do with your partner . No drastic changes are necessary. You will be surprised to see how sex becomes fun and interesting, just by introducing small changes .

  1. Lack of trust in the couple
    Trust problems can include, among others, factors such as jealousy, possessiveness or lack of emotional support , making you not count on your partner to achieve your goals, and you stop sharing a good part of your thoughts and concerns with him/her.
  2. Cheating and infidelity
    There is no doubt, infidelity is one of the main causes of couple breakup and divorce. The latest studies suggest that 41% of people are unfaithful to their partner , either physically or emotionally. And if you think that men are more unfaithful than women, you’ll probably be surprised to learn that according to statistics they are almost even 50%.

When a third person enters your relationship, it is difficult to regain trust within the couple.

  1. Fundamental differences
    Many relationships end because both parties have different goals in life. Perhaps, in the past you shared the same objectives, but you have matured, and one of the two may have changed. For example, your religious or political point of view may have changed, the fact that you want to have children or even where in the world you want to live.

You and your partner should come to an agreement about these types of differences. Depending on how rigid your goals are, there may be an incompatibility issue .

  1. Loss of autonomy
    The ability to be in a relationship, while maintaining a sense of independence is a key ingredient in keeping a relationship alive.

According to recent statistics on breakup and divorce, in failed relationships, 24% of men felt that they lacked autonomy and time for themselves, outside of the relationship.

In the case of women, the figure rises to 44%.

  1. Social isolation
    Wanting to always be alone with your partner may seem like a very romantic thing, but in a relationship you need to maintain your own space and socialize with other people in order to develop in a healthy way.

It is common for relationship problems to appear, if you or your partner distance yourself from friends and family.

  1. Money
    Although it is wrong to say it, money, as society works today, is one of our basic needs. The scarcity of money is one of our deepest psychological fears, shaking our confidence in ourselves, in our security and our control of the situation, and may even affect our own survival.

According to the couples surveyed, money is one of the main reasons for separation .

Even for couples who have been together for a long time, it is common to find problems caused by a major disagreement over spending, saving, and money decisions.

  1. Alcohol and drugs
    Believe it or not, alcohol and drug use are one of the main reasons couples break up and break up. A recent study shows that up to 45% of couples affected by this problem decide to separate.

Alcohol and drug abuse by a partner can cause a host of other problems, including financial and emotional difficulties. Substance abuse can also lead to heated arguments and in some cases physical violence.

  1. The End of Romance
    Romance can be hard to understand. At bottom, we are talking about having a certain level of passion in the relationship that goes beyond mere physical proximity. Statistically speaking, women seem to prefer a partner who makes them feel special in some way. Instead, men seem to prefer some form of admiration from their partner .

A lack of romance can sometimes be due to a fear of intimacy, although it may not be apparent during the initial stages of a relationship.

  1. Boredom
    Simply put, when one or both parties in the relationship believe that the relationship is no longer fun or interesting, the breakup of the couple or the possibility of cheating can arise.

If you don’t spend time doing fun activities together, your lives may start to drift apart . This happens especially if one of the two spends the whole day working, so it can be a challenge to find time and something that unites you. Between work, children, hobbies, cleaning the house, etc., it is difficult to find time for your partner, but it is absolutely necessary.

Reasons for separation
Relationships require work and dedication, and it is easy to neglect the relationship when the children arrive. The desire decreases if you don’t have time for sex, and if you don’t have time to talk with your dreams and your day to day, you start to distance yourself.

There are numerous reasons for couples to break up, but in this article I have only covered the most common ones . There are many factors that can affect the dynamics of a couple, and lead it towards a definitive break.

Many couples wonder how to solve their problems, if it’s worth moving on, and even if their relationship can still be saved. In these cases, undoubtedly going to couples therapy can help to get answers and save a relationship.

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